21st century libraries require vision, agility and a practical framework of objectives to meet changing demands. With 25 years of leadership in libraries, Lynn Elam Consulting will lead your library to success with transformational and cost effective solutions.

Through assessment, planning, recruiting and organizational development, Lynn Elam Consulting leads libraries forward by blending human resources with evolving technologies.

Lynn Elam Consulting

Cedar Rapids Public Library Director Search

March 19th, 2014

Have you dreamed about making a difference in a community and the library world? We will look to you to solidify partnerships and achieve ambitious community outcomes. You will be supported by our governing board, community partners, and other passionate advocates for literacy and lifelong learning.

It’s About the People

March 19th, 2014

Making customers the centerpiece of your strategic plan ensures that you focus on the people first – everything flows from that.

George H. Scheetz

“Lynn sees the big picture and works for the long term. Her understanding of the nature of community organizations, as well as the culture of volunteerism necessary for…”